In the last stretch of the Camino de Santiago (Pedrafita to Compostela), the forces of nature pilgrim subjected to the toughest tests. Especially during the winter, high mountain Lugo represented the last major obstacle before reaching the city of the Apostle.

The Port of "O Poio" with 1335 meters of altitude, was and is the key point of the Camino in Galicia ... Still in the sixties, large winter snowfalls that made this port were closed or chains for good of the winter, forcing the inhabitants of this land to a hard immobility of weeks or months.

Improved roads and permanent maintenance now allow these ports are always open, and pedestrians - Pilgrims to Compostela or travelers - can travel without difficulty the highest of the roads leading to the city the Apostle.

In the same port "O Poio", today as yesterday, an accredited establishment opens its doors for passenger service: PENSION-RESTAURANT SANTA MARIA, to make a stop on the biggest roads of Christianity.